Publication News

Summer 2019

Morris Roesch, whose Light Comes In was a substantial achievement with readers, will have his new collected short stories appear in 2019 from Tarnades Press.

Roesch’s new collection of stories is entitled All At Once: A Series of Home Vignettes, and will appear from Tarnades Press (NYC) in spring 2019.



Spring 2019

Hope Road is a contemporary novel of lasting import. When a day laborer of uncertain ethnic origins begins to influence the scions of an exclusive private school in suburban Los Angeles, one privileged father creates a vendetta to get rid of this seemingly untoward and unsavory man.

In the course of their conflict, the prejudices of the father and his friends come harshly to the surface, as the day laboring carpenter demonstrates profound love, versatility, and extraordinary vision that takes him from merely being a carpenter to being a vast influence over everything that happens at the school.

A “powerful novel of change and insight” (Kathryn Boree), Hope Road is not only the story of one man’s grace under pressure, but also the story of our own broken culture. Hope Road is the story of our breakdown, and a roadmap of how we might reclaim our lost ambitions and find meaning once more. forthcoming 2019

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Winter 2019

Paris in the 1890s. An exciting and exotic experience, especially for young Italian sculptor Maria Lipotta , who joins her friend Camille to become a protégée of the great Auguste Rodin. Maria and Camille enjoy a passionate friendship and explore the demi-monde of the vibrant city, meeting artists such as Toulouse-Lautrec and the boldly unconventional Rosa Bonheur. But when Rodin and Camille embark on a scandalous affair, Maria is cast as their unwilling go-between and their friendship unravels. Years later she tracks her down to an insane asylum where Camille tells her an explosive secret. forthcoming 2019


Fall 2018

A new commemorative hardcover of The Eagle Tree by Ned Hayes will be issued in 2018, with a special introduction by Steve Silberman and an endorsement by Temple Grandin.

This national bestseller has been acclaimed by readers worldwide, and sold in many languages for Little A (NYC). The Eagle Tree received starred reviews in many reader’s publications and was listed as one of the top five books on autism by Steve Silberman.

The new small press edition hardcover issued by Oly Books, a specialty press based in Olympia Washington. The special edition also includes the sequel novella Holy Trinity. 

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